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Our Credo:


"We are thrilled to introduce The Backdrop to the world," said the team behind this groundbreaking venture. "By embracing the wisdom of the past, we are poised to create an unprecedented

future in the world of drinking. Our guests will embark on a sensory voyage where they can witness the

evolution of cocktails and appreciate the timeless beauty of artisanal product making."

Cocktail Shots

The Breakthrough:

"Percolated Cocktails"

Percolated Cocktails

SINGAPORE, 01 January 2024 –


The Backdrop, Singapore’s latest cocktail destination, proudly introduces

an unprecedented advancement in mixology with the unveiling of their Percolated Cocktails. Pioneered by the innovative and visionary mixologist, Dario Knox, this revolutionary technique transcends centuries-old traditions and redefines the art of cocktail crafting.

In an industry steeped in tradition for over 300 years, Percolated Cocktails mark a paradigm shift away from the conventional tools and methods that have de ned mixology for centuries. Gone are the days of shakers, mixing glasses, ice, and barspoons.


Dario Knox and the Team at The Backdrop, have now unveiled the technique that challenges the very essence of cocktail making.



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